Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Blog Entry 21:My Debut Album 'Saved' is Out NOW and I'm coming to YOUR town!!!


I'm holding my album in my hands.... I even sniffed it a little.
No, I'm not a weirdo. I used to that with all the CD's I bought because I love theat fresh ink and plastic smell. Now I'm doing it with MY album! I'm so proud....
I've always said that I don't really want to be famous and meant it.
I just want to make good music and have people appreciate it. Thats what its about for me.... Thank you to everyone who has bought "Saved" so far.

If you haven't already got a copy you can grab on here

I'll be running round the UK this October playing tunes of from the record. Its called the ISLAND LIFE TOUR and i'll be joined by some amazing friends.

Check out the dates on the front of my myspace page! Come along and help me celebrate my first proper release. Hopefully see you there :) x

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Blog Entry 20: Debut single Saved Out Now! Plus more new music.

Hello Lovelies.

Sorry I've been MIA for a while, but life is drastically busy right now.
Not that I'm complaining of-course. Its good to be busy!

My first single 'Saved' is out now!!!! Its been such a longtime coming. Thank you to everyone who's bought it thus far. For me my tunes are like my children, i've spent time raising them and i've grown fonder and fonder of them. I love the way they make people gush when they hear them for the first time.

But like any child they hit that teenage stage where they lose their charm. You count the days until you can send them to Uni so you can get back to the fun part of making them in the first place! Check out the video below. This performance felt like my child had come home from Uni, degree in hand looking mature and destined for great things. Does that make sense?

Thats what I love about writing songs, the personal journey you go through with them is as they change and develop is immense.

Hmmm.... So what else has been going on? Well we've been planning a tour so we can come see you all. The dates are nearly complete, I can tell you that we'll be pretty much everywhere in October alongside Miss Eliza Dolittle and a little headline action too! Realy looking forward to it.

More importantly my album 'Saved' is out this Sunday (13th.) I've been sitting on this bad boy for such long time, I don't know how to feel! I definitely feel relieved that i've gotten to this stage, but I'm also anxious to know what you will all think of it. Please go out and buy yourselves a copy so I can fill my fridge with steaks ha! Yeah right. Seriously though please do hunt a copy down on itunes or visit your local HMV.

Its been a while since I gave you some new stuff to listen to.
This track is called 'Hugo' - if you buy yourself a copy of my single 'Saved' you'll get this free!

You may remember a couple of blogs ago I was talking about doing a remix of Lauren Pritchard's 'Not The Drugs' well, its done and ready for your listening pleasure. Let me know what you think :)

Until the next time!

Tinashé x

Monday, 16 August 2010

Blog Entry 19: Storming the stage with Fools Gold - Union Chapel with The Noisettes and a review...

Hello guys!

Sorry its been nearly two weeks since my last blog!
I've pretty much been living in rehearsals and gladly so. Next to being on stage, its where I feel most happy at the moment, exploring the full potential of my songs in a live capacity is indescribably fulfilling. I've also had some really great gigs with some of my favorite bands.

On the 7th Of August I got a chance to share the stage with Fools Gold for the second time at Madame JoJo's.
I know I always say this but if you don't know who they are - you'll slap yourself swiftly across the face when you hear their music. If you'd prefer to hold the slapping and have me explain then I'd understand....
They make a fusion of Tropical Soul Afro-Pop that can only be described as life changing. Watching their gigs is an experience. Imagine how happy I was when they invited me to perform some mbira with them after my set.
Excitement overload & possibly a little pee in ones pants at the sheer thought! Luckily they're a very nice bunch and made me feel right at home about it all during sound check. My set went really well but the highlight of the night for me was jumping on stage and being a part of a tune called 'Night Dance' and what a dance we had. A great night.

They were also kind enough to do this Remix of 'Zambezi'

Zambezi (Fool's Gold Remix No Verse Vocal) by tinashemusic

The same night, after packing away all my gear we headed back home in a cab exausted and inspired. I reached my front door, put down all my gear - tapped my pockets in search of keys as you do. Well... you know what happens next....
3 hours, 4 phone-calls and 2 cigarettes later I gave up and called for a locksmith. Only to have the keys fall out of the secret compartment of my stupid bag whilst he ways half there. Great times. Thank god for honest people, he didn't charge me a penny. Am I getting old and losing my memory?

The next few days were spent in rehearsals again but this time preparing for the Vinspired
Lake of Stars gig at Union Chapel supporting my friends the Noisettes! The night had sold out so it helped to know you guys would create an amazing environment for us to perform in.
I hadn't seen nor performed a gig here so I was excited to say the least. I mean I knew it was a church but honestly, you have to go to Union Chapel to understand how special it is.
Its all about the acoustics. Singing in there makes you feel like an angel... I kid you not.
We converted our set to take advantage of the amazing natural reverberation its renowned for.
The first note I sung in sound check almost knocked of my feet, I actually had to sit down.
I wasn't nervous but for the first time in a long time I had expected nothing but to go up there and just have fun. The minute I stepped on stage I knew it was going to be a real enjoyable gig.

I specifically played 'Saved' first because of its spiritual feel. My voice bounced around the room with no bar or typical club night noise to interrupt, just pure silence and the blissful sound of my voice coming back at me. I've done a lot of exciting things in my life but I've never been that high.

If i'm honest the rest is mostly a blur of for me but this what this lovely gentleman thought about it and a little video to boot.

In fact here some images of both me and the Noisettes performing :)

What an amazing night and venue. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket the money will help towards making sure the Malawian people have a great time when we go over in October. All in all an amazing couple of weeks.....

Speaking of weeks, Its only 3 weeks until my debut single is released! I'm so excited. Please do me a favor and dowload it here!

I'm back in rehearsals this week preparing to support the lovely 'I Blame CoCo' at Camp.
If you missed me at the Union chapel get yourself down there on the 24th of August i'm on at 8.15....

Take care and speak soon!

Tinashé xx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Blog Entry 18: Who's Jack, Underage, Noisettes, MNEK and other fairly things you should know...

Hey guys!

Its been another week of shenanigans since my last blog and what a busy week indeed. I had a a really cool day at Proud galleries doing a shoot for Who's Jack Magazine and Puma.
Lots of familiar faces like Afrikan Boy, Chiddy Bang, Kwes and Goldierocks floating around enjoying the easiest part of the 'job' if you can even call it that!

You can check out Who's Jack Magazine here: it makes for a very good read. I also went in to the BBC Bush hall and recorded a little Mbira jam and interview, I haven't listened to it as I HATE the sound of my recorded speaking voice. But you can have a listen here:

The thing I was looking forward to the most last week was Underage Festival.
I dont like to divide my fans but, I love performing to my younger crew in a totally different way. You guys always seem to know the words which shocks me everytime and you generally know how to party. So, imagine my disappointment when I stepped on stage and there
was hardly a soul in sight haha! I've never performed to 'nobody' as i've always been blessed with lots of live love so, I knew
something was up... it turns out there was some kind of error in the printing of my stage time. In short, you all all thought I was on at 6pm but in fact I was actually on at 5pm! More than half way through there was a surge of lovely excited faces. Gutted. Please accept my apologies & thanks very much for coming. I really had fun playing for you! Big shout out to the whiz-kid producer/singer/songwriter Mr MNEK for popping along too.

If you don't know who this guy is, you should slap yourselves right now. He's just amazing... check him out here he recently remixed my first single 'Saved' and its the best remix i've had done of any of my stuff. Don't believe me? Take... that!

Pretty amazing huh? He can throw a shape or two and 'all haha!
After all the goodtimes at Underage I was ready to get back in the studio. I've started writing my next album already believe it or not so, i've got lots of stuff pouring out of me.

More importantly, i've been preparing for my next big show with my friends the Noisettes. I'm still getting over the fact that in a couple of months (15th October) we'll be out in Malawi playing the Vinspired Lake Of Stars Festival! Luckily we're doing a little warm up a show at the Union Chapel in Highbury, on the 12th of August so i'll get a chance whack out any old cobwebs. Come along if you can, its going to be very special.
I've invited a very special guest to come along and join me on stage.
I've never been good at keeping secrets so I might as well tell you.
Its the love Katie Pearl of Pearl and the Puppets! We did this together a wile ago.....

It really is going to be a very special evening.

Speaking of which i'd better get planning it! Until next week.... take care.

Goodbye xx

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Blog Entry 17: Radio 1 Rinsing 'Saved' and Cool Threads


I don't want to sound like some glowstick clutching - teenage raver but, I'm buzzing!
I've just had another daytime Radio 1 play of 'Saved' by the lovely Fearne Cotton.
As if that wasn't enough, I also had some love from Jo Whiley this weekend. Chuffed.

See, its a tough old business this
music stuff. For everyone of me there are a thousand odd, fighting for airplay in order to be heard and hopefully blow up.

We've been working really hard for months and months to get to this point. A massive thank you to Annie Mac, Kissy Sellout, Reggie Yates, Sinden, Dermot O'leary and anyone else who supported my EP's. The biggest thank you of-course goes to all of you! This wouldn't possible if you weren't all talking, buying and coming to gigs :)

Hmm what else has been going on.... I went to see Damien Marley and Nas perform last week at the Hammersith Apollo. They were amazing. Probably the most bass I've ever experienced in a venue.

I think thats where I caught this serious bout of man flu. Its obviously really annoying but, at the same time really positive for music making. I miss the days when I had the time to write and produce 2 tracks a week, so when i'm ill - thats just what I do.

I've been working on a remix for the beautiful,
multi - talented Lauren Pritchard. If you haven't heard of her, you need to go here:
She has one of those voices that make you stop doing whatever you're doing, go catch her live and you will not be disappointed. I'll post the remix up very soon for your listening pleasure.

I got word the other day that i'll be flying to NYC soon to play a few gigs!. I'm one of those people who googles everything, call it a thirst for knowledge. I even started planing on what I'll be wearing.
I'm really into this vibe at the moment.

Freaking cool or what?! I love clothes almost as much as I love music.
Although, I've come to realize that what I think looks fly doesn't always go down well with some people in Hackney. Being called a bounty from across the street (black on the outside white on the inside) used to get get on my nerves but now it just makes me laugh out loud.
Life to me is about self expression, art & music. I'll flaunt and explore all these till the cows come home! What do you think?

Anywho, I better go. I'm busy preparing for Underage Festival this week! Are you coming?
Its gonna be BIG.

Catch up soon!!

Tinashé x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Blog Entry 16: Video of backstage shenanigans and LB...

Hi guys.

Its Monday afternoon, the sun is shining, my neighbors are blasting out the teletubbies soundtrack. Life is pretty sweet. I'm still pretty buzzing from my set at Lovebox this weekend. I wasn't expecting more than ten people to turn up. But boy did you guys turn up!

The day didn't start so well. I was carted away by the police for a random drugs search at the entrance 30 mins before my set! By the time they realized that i'm an angel, I had to peg it across the whole of V park to make my set. But make it i did....

Walking off to 'one more song!' in full chorus at the end of it was brilliant. Thank you!

I'd been supporting the lovely Macy Gray at the the Leicester Sq Theatre for 3 days before LB. She has to be of the nicest artists I've had the pleasure to be around. She exudes this mega Ora that I can't quite describe.

When Macy and her band perform it feels like a show. Crowd participation, humor, charm and that special little bit of magic that tickles you from the inside out. It reminded me of greats like James Brown or Donny Hathaway when they performed.
Very few people can do that these days. I haven't felt that inspired in a while.

Have you ever wondered what Oli and I get up to backstage? Check it out....

Funtimes! By the way, I don't think I'm too sexy for any mirror anywhere in the world. That's just how I warm up. As you can imagine and probably see from the clip, I was really tired. LB was brilliant but walking around all day in the blazing heat after a string of dates isn't exactly ideal! Never the less I caught Dizzee's set which was awesome.

All in all, a wicked string of dates. I spent the weekend vegging out on the sofa with Super Street Fight 4... Love that game.

In other news - i'm gearing up for the release of my first single 'Saved' on the 5th of September! Also really looking forward to my next big gig Underage Festival! I'll be playing on the community stage so please come down and party with me! Don't forget to say hi....

Right, i'm off to my boxing lesson. Speak soonio!!!!

Tinashé xx

Friday, 9 July 2010

Blog Entry 15: Supporting Macy Gray and my BBQ today

Yeah I know it rhymes but its not on purpose. Well... maybe a little.

Today is a good day!

I've just got home from playing at my BBQ in Camden.
It was a really good turn out and I reckon everybody left feeling pretty stuffed and musically satisfied! I must say I was crapping it a fair amount.
Lots of important people where there and that always makes for one those stressful gigs... the vibe was just right though so, goodtimes.

Thank you to all my lovely fans who made it. You're all legends :)


Now, on to more good news. I've just been told that I'll be supporting Macy Gray for her 3 London dates next week! I'm pretty damned excited as I really think she's amazingly talented not to mention prolific.

Here are the dates, come down if you can :)

Tue 13th LONDON, Leicester Square Theatre (supporting Macy Gray)
Weds 14th LONDON, Leicester Square Theatre (supporting Macy Gray)
Thurs 15th LONDON, Leicester Square Theatre (supporting Macy Gray)

Right, its a lovely day and its been a long week. I'm off to the nearest beer garden to get browner....
Have an amazing weekend!

Tinashé x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blog Entry 14: I'm having a FREE BBQ and you're invited


How are you all? Good I hope. Its pretty late so please excuse me if this doesn't make any sense.

Seeing as someone keeps stealing all the hours in the day, we had a pretty late rehearsal tonight. Its all needed though, my live set is expanding at the speed of light.
I now have three instrument changes and by the end of this month it will be 5! I feel like the afro Imogen Heap. Not such a bad thing... but blooming hard work.

That leads me quite nicely into my next bit of news actually.
I'll be showing these wonderful instrument juggling skills this Friday at my very own BBQ at the Lock Tavern in Camden! Its gonna be brilliant. I've got the Uber talented DJ Sloth Boogie throwing down some tunes, free burgers, chicken, sausages ummmm cous cous?
Ok maybe not that last one but everything you'd normally see at a BBQ and me playing some tunes for listening pleasure!

I'm on stage at 1.15pm and if you RSVP my inbox (myspace) or leave me a comment, I'll stick you on the free bar guest list! What more could you ask for?! Get involved

You can find the deets here :)

See you there! x

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Blog Entry 13: Pre-order my Debut Album 'Saved'

Hi all,

The time has finally come! I've got a release date for my debut album. Yes you're reading correctly!

On the 23rd of August 'Saved' will be available to buy! On the 23rd of August I will be the happiest man alive.

You can pre-order it here:

I can hardly believe it. I've somehow managed to put all these little ideas in my head together to make something beautiful...

I'm often asked what kind of record people should expect and whether or not I think it will fit into the current climate. I always have the same answer....

When I think back to the darkest times in my life, music has always been there to save me. The songs on this record are like snapshots of moments in my life.
Some sad, some intensely happy and some just plain angry.

Above it all, i've made a record that emotes me and will hopefully do the same for others. The rest will take care of it itself....

I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it

Now go pre-order it!

Tinashé x

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Blog Entry 11: New Music Video for "Saved"

Hi guys

I write to you from the comfort of my bed. Its 12.32pm and i'm doing my best to get a rid of a serious case of man flu.... Bummer. On a brighter not, i've just received the final edit of my new music video!

The song is called "Saved" and it will my first official single. That feels a little bit weird to say! As you can imagine, i'm really proud. This particular single has a special place in my heart as It was written when life wasn't really all that grand for me.

Anyway, i'll stop banging on and let you have a listen/watch.

Enjoy! x

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Blog Entry 10: New Music Video

Hey guys!

Check out my new music video for 'Zambezi'

Let me know what you think!


Monday, 26 April 2010

Blog Entry 9: Cheating on my guitar....


What a weekend!

I just want to say massive thanks to everyone who came to the Mixmag party yesterday! It was mental... Kissy was out of this world on the CDJ's and the sun was out. Pucker....

You may remember me mentioning in my last ramble that I was a little nervous about doing a live PA.
But to be honest, it felt amazing being able to run around like a lunatic without the risk of tripping over my guitar lead!
Check it out...

My angel of the North London Massive Impression...

Having it....

Shamless self promo.... 'Mayday' EP in my back pocket!

You cant do PA and not jumping on a beer bench surely?!
In fact, I got so in to it I decided it was a good idea to start swinging from the tree on the left with one hand!

Dizzee made a little cameo appearance.

What I gained in performance points I lost in measures of blood from my hand! But I'd do it again....

So the next gig is the Camden Crawl Island life BOAT PARTY! Again, its a first for me but Im really looking forward to it check out the line up...

You can grab tickets from here

Hopefully see you down there!

Till the next time...

Tinashé x

Friday, 23 April 2010

Blog Entry 8: Wow of the Week!


I never thought i'd see the day when people would cover my songs!

Check out these brilliant renditions of 'Mayday'

Pretty amazing huh? I'm a little bit afraid... Thanks guys!

Tinashé x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blog Entry 7: Acoustic Numbers and Volcanos Pooping Parties!


Its been a weird week huh?!
I was all geared up to shoot the video for my debut single Zambezi in Cuba, when all off sudden mother nature went a bit loco!

Thank god for travel insurance I say... we've rebooked our flights for the 2nd week in May.

I'm type the of person who likes to keep busy so, I decided to hit the studio to record some live tracks! 'Mayday' and 'A-Liar' are on my myspace player for your pleasure.... Let me know what you think!

I've also decided to take up boxing. Yep you read right.... little old me throwing punches!
I had my first lesson yesterday and my instructor says I have a mean left hook.... so don't mess! Lol... I feel silly typing that.
But its true, so don't! It seems to be helping with my stress levels. I'm as calm as you like.... can't wait for the next lesson.

In other news I have a gig this weekend with Mr Kissy Sell Out and Tine Tempah at Vibe bar, Shordeitch. Its a Mixmag party so its guaranteed to be fun. I'm not nervous but I suppose you could say I'm curious. Its a Live PA. I haven't done one of those in years! Surely I feel naked without my guitar?! Who knows.... either way bring on the fun and sunshine.

Come down if you can its free!

Till the next time....

Blog Entry 6: Gigs, Festivals & Zambezi Video Category: Music

Hi everybody,

Quick update on a few things that are going on in my world. I've announced lots of new dates for April and May which you can find on my facebook and myspace page. Please come along and say hi-it'd be great to see you down at one of them. The first gig is this Wednesday (14th April) at Pure Groove but like I say there are lots more to come. We've also been allowed to announce some festival dates including The Great Escape in Brighton, Camden Crawl and Lovebox in Victoria Park, London.

In between all the gigs I'm also going to be jetting off to Cuba to shoot the video for my next single Zambezi. Bring on the sunshine!!

Till next time.


Friday, 12 March 2010


Hi guys,

If you were lucky enough to go to the HMV Next Big Thing gig at the Relentless garage the other month and saw the amazing Ellie Goulding and Erik Hassle perform and little old me too (!) then click here to redeem your voucher to get a free bundle of tracks from the artists who performed on the night. You should have got a code when you booked your tickets.

If you didn’t make it down to the gig then I hope to see you at another date soon.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Blog Entry 5: "Miss You' Acoustic Video

Hey guys...

I thought i'd better give you all something new to watch.

Seeing as its valentines day, I think this acoustic version of 'Miss You' is very fitting!

I love singing it, I hope you all enjoy listening to it.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Blog Entry 4: Young and Lost....

Ok, its 1.31am and I cant sleep. I'm literally buzzing like a Man City fan who's just found out their singing Robinho (that didn't go so well did it!)

I've just come back from headlining Young & Lost @ the Lock Tavern.
I was feeling really down today for various reasons. I turned up at the venue and didn't even hit the bar to scope the mood. Pure Autopilot.

I jumped on stage, looked up and recognized lots of you from facebook/myspace/twitter and lots of lovely new fans too. It was amazing.... I've never had a response like that. I almost didn't have to sing half the songs 'cos you guys were so on top of it!
Nearly reduced to tears like a little girl at one point..... Thank you so much!

Sky One, Road Wars, Chicken - bed.



Monday, 25 January 2010

Blog Entry 3: Bombay Bicycle Club Cover


Here's a little video of me covering one of my favorite songs on Mbira!

Hope you like it :)



Sunday, 24 January 2010

Blog Entry 2: Who's been a busy bee then?


I write to you from my living room again. no road wars this time...
Feeling a little nauseous after a little too much KFC.
I really should no better but it just looked so enticingly golden from the window.... never mind the fact that I had Nandos the night before. Stupdio!

It's been nice having a day off. Last week was loco!!

I was invited to play a live acoustic set for XFM by Mr John Kennedy on Tuesday and of course I jumped at the chance. I'd never done one of these before so it I was bricking a little haha... It went brilliantly though! John is the nicest person on the planet.

After the first couple of mins and the elmination of a nervey
dry mouth, I forgot I was live on radio and just enjoyed having a musical chinwag with John.
He really enjoyed the set... so much so he invited me and Oli to perform at the Camden Barfly for XFM's Xposure this week. What a legend! Details below :)

On Wednesday I got a call from the super talented DJ/Producer/Artist/Over all diamaond Geezer - Toddla T. He's currently strutting his stuff at BBC Radio 1 as one of their hot new Dj's.
The convo went:

Him: Yooooo!
Me: Yoooo!!!


Him: I've got this track for you man. It needs a little vocal over it and! You down?
Me: Yeah definitely! Send me the track and i'll have it to you over the weekend. Cool?

Him: Ummm... I need by tomorrow day.

More laughter....

Me: Ok man i'll see what I can do.

I had no voice after a mega sized rehearsal so I seized the chance to sleep and rest up the my vocal. I woke up at 8am and it fell out like a dream, the track was really suited to lyrics I'd written for a track on my album called goodtimes. After a little tweaking, rewriting and resining? It was ready. Had ablast doing it!!

The hours had danced away by now and I had literally mins to get ready for my gig at YoYo that day. I zipped Toddla the parts and headed for the door. We played really well :) It was nuts to see so many people turning up to watch little old me. Thank you!

Toddla popped down to show some support after his Radio show. He'd played the the track pretty much at the same time as I was on stage performing. How's that for turnaround time?!

I ripped it just incase you missed....

Pretty cool huh?! Mean refix beat by Mr Seiji - thanks to everyone who txt asking for relaods.
We're all hooking up in a couple of weeks for a little experiment.

I was dying to stay and chill for a bit at YoYo but we had another acoustic radio set in the morning for the good people at - I was more prepared for it this time round and despite feeling a little crap from the night before it went really well.

The team at selector look like this when they've had a good time! I think....

It was Friday, I hadn't had a day off in about 15 days so I decided to head down to my local.
My mates where doing a DJ set. They're not actually pro DJ's but they seem to blag work all the time! Maybe i've let the cat out of the bag? Either it was really good. There were pictures. You'll never see them. Sorry! The last I remember was dancing to Paul Simon like a lunatic on the floor. Brilliant!

I awoke to some really exciting news that I cant mention until the ink as has dried!
Hopefuly tomorrow.....

Looking forward to the supporting Marina and The Diamonds on Friday. The gig is sold out so its going to be packed!! Bring it on I say....

Right..... I need to move this KFC from my house its actually turning my stomach.
What a fool. Hope you're all well... speak to you in the week!

Tinashé x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Tinashé Blog Entry 1: Welcome

Hi guys!

Welcome to my new blog :)

Myspace blogging finally became too much for to bare. Its horrible and imperfect in so many ways thats its not even worth talking about!

Along with the new blog is a new website here: check it out its pretty slick if I don't say so myself haha...

Things are a little bit mental at the moment. (mental is my new favorite word, sorry)
It feels like I've been hidden away in studios for a such a long time and now I'm all out in the open for everyone to poke at. Not that I mind of-course it comes with the territory. To be honest everyone seems to be really liking what they've heard of the my music. I'm really pleased! Although I'm sure it wont always be like this... I'm enjoying the good while its good.

I'm one of those people who when being wooed by artists, likes to know his/hers history, interests likes, dislikes etc.... I think it helps understand and appreciate their music on a whole different level.

So since I fully intend on wooing you I think its fairly important for me to make a few promises...

I am me and thats all I will ever be here.

It's where I will share my honest opinions, ideas, ups and downs, and travel stories for the at least the next year with you all.

Unless i'm unable to get to a computer whilst playing away I will keep this blog updated every week. If it isn't please feel free to send me moderate abuse!

In the meantime, thank you for moving with me.

Speak to you all tomorrow!