Monday, 19 July 2010

Blog Entry 16: Video of backstage shenanigans and LB...

Hi guys.

Its Monday afternoon, the sun is shining, my neighbors are blasting out the teletubbies soundtrack. Life is pretty sweet. I'm still pretty buzzing from my set at Lovebox this weekend. I wasn't expecting more than ten people to turn up. But boy did you guys turn up!

The day didn't start so well. I was carted away by the police for a random drugs search at the entrance 30 mins before my set! By the time they realized that i'm an angel, I had to peg it across the whole of V park to make my set. But make it i did....

Walking off to 'one more song!' in full chorus at the end of it was brilliant. Thank you!

I'd been supporting the lovely Macy Gray at the the Leicester Sq Theatre for 3 days before LB. She has to be of the nicest artists I've had the pleasure to be around. She exudes this mega Ora that I can't quite describe.

When Macy and her band perform it feels like a show. Crowd participation, humor, charm and that special little bit of magic that tickles you from the inside out. It reminded me of greats like James Brown or Donny Hathaway when they performed.
Very few people can do that these days. I haven't felt that inspired in a while.

Have you ever wondered what Oli and I get up to backstage? Check it out....

Funtimes! By the way, I don't think I'm too sexy for any mirror anywhere in the world. That's just how I warm up. As you can imagine and probably see from the clip, I was really tired. LB was brilliant but walking around all day in the blazing heat after a string of dates isn't exactly ideal! Never the less I caught Dizzee's set which was awesome.

All in all, a wicked string of dates. I spent the weekend vegging out on the sofa with Super Street Fight 4... Love that game.

In other news - i'm gearing up for the release of my first single 'Saved' on the 5th of September! Also really looking forward to my next big gig Underage Festival! I'll be playing on the community stage so please come down and party with me! Don't forget to say hi....

Right, i'm off to my boxing lesson. Speak soonio!!!!

Tinashé xx

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