Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blog Entry 14: I'm having a FREE BBQ and you're invited


How are you all? Good I hope. Its pretty late so please excuse me if this doesn't make any sense.

Seeing as someone keeps stealing all the hours in the day, we had a pretty late rehearsal tonight. Its all needed though, my live set is expanding at the speed of light.
I now have three instrument changes and by the end of this month it will be 5! I feel like the afro Imogen Heap. Not such a bad thing... but blooming hard work.

That leads me quite nicely into my next bit of news actually.
I'll be showing these wonderful instrument juggling skills this Friday at my very own BBQ at the Lock Tavern in Camden! Its gonna be brilliant. I've got the Uber talented DJ Sloth Boogie throwing down some tunes, free burgers, chicken, sausages ummmm cous cous?
Ok maybe not that last one but everything you'd normally see at a BBQ and me playing some tunes for listening pleasure!

I'm on stage at 1.15pm and if you RSVP my inbox (myspace) or leave me a comment, I'll stick you on the free bar guest list! What more could you ask for?! Get involved

You can find the deets here :)

See you there! x

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