Monday, 16 August 2010

Blog Entry 19: Storming the stage with Fools Gold - Union Chapel with The Noisettes and a review...

Hello guys!

Sorry its been nearly two weeks since my last blog!
I've pretty much been living in rehearsals and gladly so. Next to being on stage, its where I feel most happy at the moment, exploring the full potential of my songs in a live capacity is indescribably fulfilling. I've also had some really great gigs with some of my favorite bands.

On the 7th Of August I got a chance to share the stage with Fools Gold for the second time at Madame JoJo's.
I know I always say this but if you don't know who they are - you'll slap yourself swiftly across the face when you hear their music. If you'd prefer to hold the slapping and have me explain then I'd understand....
They make a fusion of Tropical Soul Afro-Pop that can only be described as life changing. Watching their gigs is an experience. Imagine how happy I was when they invited me to perform some mbira with them after my set.
Excitement overload & possibly a little pee in ones pants at the sheer thought! Luckily they're a very nice bunch and made me feel right at home about it all during sound check. My set went really well but the highlight of the night for me was jumping on stage and being a part of a tune called 'Night Dance' and what a dance we had. A great night.

They were also kind enough to do this Remix of 'Zambezi'

Zambezi (Fool's Gold Remix No Verse Vocal) by tinashemusic

The same night, after packing away all my gear we headed back home in a cab exausted and inspired. I reached my front door, put down all my gear - tapped my pockets in search of keys as you do. Well... you know what happens next....
3 hours, 4 phone-calls and 2 cigarettes later I gave up and called for a locksmith. Only to have the keys fall out of the secret compartment of my stupid bag whilst he ways half there. Great times. Thank god for honest people, he didn't charge me a penny. Am I getting old and losing my memory?

The next few days were spent in rehearsals again but this time preparing for the Vinspired
Lake of Stars gig at Union Chapel supporting my friends the Noisettes! The night had sold out so it helped to know you guys would create an amazing environment for us to perform in.
I hadn't seen nor performed a gig here so I was excited to say the least. I mean I knew it was a church but honestly, you have to go to Union Chapel to understand how special it is.
Its all about the acoustics. Singing in there makes you feel like an angel... I kid you not.
We converted our set to take advantage of the amazing natural reverberation its renowned for.
The first note I sung in sound check almost knocked of my feet, I actually had to sit down.
I wasn't nervous but for the first time in a long time I had expected nothing but to go up there and just have fun. The minute I stepped on stage I knew it was going to be a real enjoyable gig.

I specifically played 'Saved' first because of its spiritual feel. My voice bounced around the room with no bar or typical club night noise to interrupt, just pure silence and the blissful sound of my voice coming back at me. I've done a lot of exciting things in my life but I've never been that high.

If i'm honest the rest is mostly a blur of for me but this what this lovely gentleman thought about it and a little video to boot.

In fact here some images of both me and the Noisettes performing :)

What an amazing night and venue. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket the money will help towards making sure the Malawian people have a great time when we go over in October. All in all an amazing couple of weeks.....

Speaking of weeks, Its only 3 weeks until my debut single is released! I'm so excited. Please do me a favor and dowload it here!

I'm back in rehearsals this week preparing to support the lovely 'I Blame CoCo' at Camp.
If you missed me at the Union chapel get yourself down there on the 24th of August i'm on at 8.15....

Take care and speak soon!

Tinashé xx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Blog Entry 18: Who's Jack, Underage, Noisettes, MNEK and other fairly things you should know...

Hey guys!

Its been another week of shenanigans since my last blog and what a busy week indeed. I had a a really cool day at Proud galleries doing a shoot for Who's Jack Magazine and Puma.
Lots of familiar faces like Afrikan Boy, Chiddy Bang, Kwes and Goldierocks floating around enjoying the easiest part of the 'job' if you can even call it that!

You can check out Who's Jack Magazine here: it makes for a very good read. I also went in to the BBC Bush hall and recorded a little Mbira jam and interview, I haven't listened to it as I HATE the sound of my recorded speaking voice. But you can have a listen here:

The thing I was looking forward to the most last week was Underage Festival.
I dont like to divide my fans but, I love performing to my younger crew in a totally different way. You guys always seem to know the words which shocks me everytime and you generally know how to party. So, imagine my disappointment when I stepped on stage and there
was hardly a soul in sight haha! I've never performed to 'nobody' as i've always been blessed with lots of live love so, I knew
something was up... it turns out there was some kind of error in the printing of my stage time. In short, you all all thought I was on at 6pm but in fact I was actually on at 5pm! More than half way through there was a surge of lovely excited faces. Gutted. Please accept my apologies & thanks very much for coming. I really had fun playing for you! Big shout out to the whiz-kid producer/singer/songwriter Mr MNEK for popping along too.

If you don't know who this guy is, you should slap yourselves right now. He's just amazing... check him out here he recently remixed my first single 'Saved' and its the best remix i've had done of any of my stuff. Don't believe me? Take... that!

Pretty amazing huh? He can throw a shape or two and 'all haha!
After all the goodtimes at Underage I was ready to get back in the studio. I've started writing my next album already believe it or not so, i've got lots of stuff pouring out of me.

More importantly, i've been preparing for my next big show with my friends the Noisettes. I'm still getting over the fact that in a couple of months (15th October) we'll be out in Malawi playing the Vinspired Lake Of Stars Festival! Luckily we're doing a little warm up a show at the Union Chapel in Highbury, on the 12th of August so i'll get a chance whack out any old cobwebs. Come along if you can, its going to be very special.
I've invited a very special guest to come along and join me on stage.
I've never been good at keeping secrets so I might as well tell you.
Its the love Katie Pearl of Pearl and the Puppets! We did this together a wile ago.....

It really is going to be a very special evening.

Speaking of which i'd better get planning it! Until next week.... take care.

Goodbye xx