Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blog Entry 7: Acoustic Numbers and Volcanos Pooping Parties!


Its been a weird week huh?!
I was all geared up to shoot the video for my debut single Zambezi in Cuba, when all off sudden mother nature went a bit loco!

Thank god for travel insurance I say... we've rebooked our flights for the 2nd week in May.

I'm type the of person who likes to keep busy so, I decided to hit the studio to record some live tracks! 'Mayday' and 'A-Liar' are on my myspace player for your pleasure.... Let me know what you think!

I've also decided to take up boxing. Yep you read right.... little old me throwing punches!
I had my first lesson yesterday and my instructor says I have a mean left hook.... so don't mess! Lol... I feel silly typing that.
But its true, so don't! It seems to be helping with my stress levels. I'm as calm as you like.... can't wait for the next lesson.

In other news I have a gig this weekend with Mr Kissy Sell Out and Tine Tempah at Vibe bar, Shordeitch. Its a Mixmag party so its guaranteed to be fun. I'm not nervous but I suppose you could say I'm curious. Its a Live PA. I haven't done one of those in years! Surely I feel naked without my guitar?! Who knows.... either way bring on the fun and sunshine.

Come down if you can its free!

Till the next time....

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