Thursday, 28 October 2010

A short clip of Tinashé's live show at Bush Hall in Shephards Bush, London


  1. brilliant!!! i like it a lot...

  2. Dear Tinashe, hope it is you, who reads this, but not just one of your stupid producers. Maybe it is none of my business, but I can't keep myself silent anymore and want to tell you something very important.
    I found your youtube channel accidentally (but must admit was very happy because of that) and when I first heard your voice and those acoustic versions of your songs I was amazed and surprised in a good way! But when I started listening to your records from your album "Saved10" I was shocked not in a good way.
    Its a pity when such unique, talented artists like you sell themselves to stupid producers and become just one-day POP stars. There is nothing real left in those album versions. It is not Tinashe there. You sound like Justin Timberlake, or even worse there. It is like if I asked you to name your favorite movie ever and compared it to the cheapest porno. In this case your favorite movie is your music when you sing acoustically, which comes from your heart and is pure and true miracle and porno is your new album songs, which were made just to make money and became just a commercial disaster. It is very sad. You have to do something about it. Take care and good luck. Peace&Love

  3. I love this version of 'good times'

    A bit slower than the album version... Will you release that one?