Monday, 25 January 2010

Blog Entry 3: Bombay Bicycle Club Cover


Here's a little video of me covering one of my favorite songs on Mbira!

Hope you like it :)



Sunday, 24 January 2010

Blog Entry 2: Who's been a busy bee then?


I write to you from my living room again. no road wars this time...
Feeling a little nauseous after a little too much KFC.
I really should no better but it just looked so enticingly golden from the window.... never mind the fact that I had Nandos the night before. Stupdio!

It's been nice having a day off. Last week was loco!!

I was invited to play a live acoustic set for XFM by Mr John Kennedy on Tuesday and of course I jumped at the chance. I'd never done one of these before so it I was bricking a little haha... It went brilliantly though! John is the nicest person on the planet.

After the first couple of mins and the elmination of a nervey
dry mouth, I forgot I was live on radio and just enjoyed having a musical chinwag with John.
He really enjoyed the set... so much so he invited me and Oli to perform at the Camden Barfly for XFM's Xposure this week. What a legend! Details below :)

On Wednesday I got a call from the super talented DJ/Producer/Artist/Over all diamaond Geezer - Toddla T. He's currently strutting his stuff at BBC Radio 1 as one of their hot new Dj's.
The convo went:

Him: Yooooo!
Me: Yoooo!!!


Him: I've got this track for you man. It needs a little vocal over it and! You down?
Me: Yeah definitely! Send me the track and i'll have it to you over the weekend. Cool?

Him: Ummm... I need by tomorrow day.

More laughter....

Me: Ok man i'll see what I can do.

I had no voice after a mega sized rehearsal so I seized the chance to sleep and rest up the my vocal. I woke up at 8am and it fell out like a dream, the track was really suited to lyrics I'd written for a track on my album called goodtimes. After a little tweaking, rewriting and resining? It was ready. Had ablast doing it!!

The hours had danced away by now and I had literally mins to get ready for my gig at YoYo that day. I zipped Toddla the parts and headed for the door. We played really well :) It was nuts to see so many people turning up to watch little old me. Thank you!

Toddla popped down to show some support after his Radio show. He'd played the the track pretty much at the same time as I was on stage performing. How's that for turnaround time?!

I ripped it just incase you missed....

Pretty cool huh?! Mean refix beat by Mr Seiji - thanks to everyone who txt asking for relaods.
We're all hooking up in a couple of weeks for a little experiment.

I was dying to stay and chill for a bit at YoYo but we had another acoustic radio set in the morning for the good people at - I was more prepared for it this time round and despite feeling a little crap from the night before it went really well.

The team at selector look like this when they've had a good time! I think....

It was Friday, I hadn't had a day off in about 15 days so I decided to head down to my local.
My mates where doing a DJ set. They're not actually pro DJ's but they seem to blag work all the time! Maybe i've let the cat out of the bag? Either it was really good. There were pictures. You'll never see them. Sorry! The last I remember was dancing to Paul Simon like a lunatic on the floor. Brilliant!

I awoke to some really exciting news that I cant mention until the ink as has dried!
Hopefuly tomorrow.....

Looking forward to the supporting Marina and The Diamonds on Friday. The gig is sold out so its going to be packed!! Bring it on I say....

Right..... I need to move this KFC from my house its actually turning my stomach.
What a fool. Hope you're all well... speak to you in the week!

Tinashé x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Tinashé Blog Entry 1: Welcome

Hi guys!

Welcome to my new blog :)

Myspace blogging finally became too much for to bare. Its horrible and imperfect in so many ways thats its not even worth talking about!

Along with the new blog is a new website here: check it out its pretty slick if I don't say so myself haha...

Things are a little bit mental at the moment. (mental is my new favorite word, sorry)
It feels like I've been hidden away in studios for a such a long time and now I'm all out in the open for everyone to poke at. Not that I mind of-course it comes with the territory. To be honest everyone seems to be really liking what they've heard of the my music. I'm really pleased! Although I'm sure it wont always be like this... I'm enjoying the good while its good.

I'm one of those people who when being wooed by artists, likes to know his/hers history, interests likes, dislikes etc.... I think it helps understand and appreciate their music on a whole different level.

So since I fully intend on wooing you I think its fairly important for me to make a few promises...

I am me and thats all I will ever be here.

It's where I will share my honest opinions, ideas, ups and downs, and travel stories for the at least the next year with you all.

Unless i'm unable to get to a computer whilst playing away I will keep this blog updated every week. If it isn't please feel free to send me moderate abuse!

In the meantime, thank you for moving with me.

Speak to you all tomorrow!