Thursday, 4 February 2010

Blog Entry 4: Young and Lost....

Ok, its 1.31am and I cant sleep. I'm literally buzzing like a Man City fan who's just found out their singing Robinho (that didn't go so well did it!)

I've just come back from headlining Young & Lost @ the Lock Tavern.
I was feeling really down today for various reasons. I turned up at the venue and didn't even hit the bar to scope the mood. Pure Autopilot.

I jumped on stage, looked up and recognized lots of you from facebook/myspace/twitter and lots of lovely new fans too. It was amazing.... I've never had a response like that. I almost didn't have to sing half the songs 'cos you guys were so on top of it!
Nearly reduced to tears like a little girl at one point..... Thank you so much!

Sky One, Road Wars, Chicken - bed.



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