Thursday, 24 June 2010

Blog Entry 11: New Music Video for "Saved"

Hi guys

I write to you from the comfort of my bed. Its 12.32pm and i'm doing my best to get a rid of a serious case of man flu.... Bummer. On a brighter not, i've just received the final edit of my new music video!

The song is called "Saved" and it will my first official single. That feels a little bit weird to say! As you can imagine, i'm really proud. This particular single has a special place in my heart as It was written when life wasn't really all that grand for me.

Anyway, i'll stop banging on and let you have a listen/watch.

Enjoy! x


  1. love the desing of this blog..
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  3. Love this song brother! strong video flashbacks of Janet Jacksons "got til it's gone"! Keep it going. I'm a supporter!